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HSBC Living Business Awards 2013

HSBC Living Business Awards 2013

Verity has been awarded the Certificate of Merit – People Caring Award from the HSBC Living Business Awards 2013, recognizing our progress to enhance employee’s well-being through training programs, equal opportunities, work-life balance and family-friendly practices.

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Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

Verity has been awarded the label from the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, recognizing our continuous effort to help improve the environment through Verity’s daily work and operations.


CSR Activity with Hong Kong PHAB Association

Hong Kong PHAB Association

To help support integration of persons with and without disabilities and to enhance the understanding and acceptance of each other within our community, Verity collaborated with Hong Kong PHAB Association to provide a fun afternoon for members to learn more about each other through social activities and games.

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Kelvin Ko Talks About What It's Like to be a Corporate Investigator

Classified Post

In an interview with Classified Post, Kelvin Ko discusses the role of an investigator in the corporate investigation field, future outlook, and Verity's training for in-house investigators.

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7 Best Practices to Prevent and Handle Fraud in the Workplace


Verity shares best practices with employers and HR professionals at, on ways to prevent and handle workplace fraud and business malpractices.

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Article Contribution to Human Resources Magazine

HR Magazine

Article contribution to Human Resources Magazine’s October cover story - Prevention is Better than Cure: Handling Corporate Fraud.

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Fraudulent Insurance Claims and Personal Injuries Investigation


Knowledge sharing by Kelvin Ko, Managing Director of Verity Consulting Limited, and Anthony Chiu, Deputy General Counsel of AIA International Limited, with members of the New Medico Legal Society about fraudulent insurance claims and personal injuries investigation.

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Interview with Jiu Jik on becoming a professional investigator in Hong Kong

Jiu Jik

Kelvin Ko discussed with Jiu Jik about the interesting field of corporate investigation, what it takes to be an investigator, and his vision and future plans for Verity.

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Kelvin Ko appears on HKSME FOCUS


Kelvin Ko shares his views and expertise with HKSME FOCUS magazine on business and workplace integrity, and the rising problems affecting small and medium enterprises.

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Interview with Capital Entrepreneur

Capital Entrepreneur

Kelvin Ko, Outstanding Corporate Investigation Consultant award winner, shared his experience and Verity's future plans with Capital Entrepreneur magazine.

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HKIHRM Seminar Work Injury Claims


As fraudulent work injuries and compensations are on the rise, it is more important than ever for HR professionals to put in place tight controls to manage employee compensation claims. In the last seminar of HKIHRM’s workplace integrity series, Kelvin Ko, managing director of Verity, and Hermonie Hui, senior associate of Clyde & Co., shared their expertise in injury claims management and false claims prevention.

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Embezzlers Usually Know the System

The New Paper

With Singapore’s recent case where an anti-corruption official was charged with misappropriating SG$1.76 million worth of government funds, Kelvin Ko and MAWSL Consulting’s Andy Cheung shared their expertise and views with The New Paper some of the common factors of embezzlement cases.

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When Staff Label Their Crimes as Fraud

South China Morning Post

Kelvin Ko reveals to South China Morning Post, an employee's spending behavior can be a clue to potential threat to a company, how this can be related to fraud, and shared other tips to fraud prevention.

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Tighter Checks For Lies on Résumés

pre-employment screening

Kelvin Ko reveals to South China Morning Post how and why pre-employment screening is important and the increasing demand for this service not only from multinational companies but also from small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Private Eyes Crack Into IPO Market

South China Morning Post

With the SFC tighten regulation of IPO sponsors, Kelvin Ko explains in an interview with South China Morning Post, how commercial investigation can provide a more complete picture when conducting due diligence of listing candidates.

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HKIHRM Seminar on Internal and Employee Fraud Investigation


Second part of the workplace integrity seminar series continues with Kelvin Ko and Andy Cheung shared their experience and knowledge in fraud investigation and prevention.

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Verity has been awarded Outstanding Corporate Investigation Consultant


Verity has been honored with the award for Outstanding Corporate Investigation Consultant at Outstanding Entrepreneur Awards 2013. The award was organized by Capital Entrepreneur magazine and The Hong Kong Federation of Commerce for Small and Medium Enterprises to recognize excellence, innovation, contribution, and industry expertise for entrepreneurs incorporated in Hong Kong.

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Visit to the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Senior Citizen Center


Through collaboration with Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, Verity staff spent a meaningful afternoon with senior members to help broaden their social circle by experience sharing and fun activities.

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HKIHRM Seminar Series on Workplace Integrity


HKIHRM, Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management, kicked off another seminar series on workplace integrity with Kelvin Ko and strategic partner, MAWSL Consulting’s Andy Cheung, on pre-employment screening and integrity interview.

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Caring Company Welcome Reception for Awardees in 2012

Caring Company

It is our honor to be at the welcome reception with fellow Caring Company awardees to continue our partnership with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and support for our community, employees and environment.

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Kelvin Ko's Interview with South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post

In a recent interview with South China Morning Post, Kelvin Ko shared his expertise on insurance claims invesitigation and employee compensation claims investigation.

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Seminar at Hong Kong Management Association


Kelvin Ko and strategic partner, MAWSL Consulting's Andy Cheung, shared their expertise in a recent seminar with Hong Kong Management Association an introduction to today's rising problem about workplace ethics and integrity.

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Kelvin Ko's Interview with SME Link magazine

SME Link

With Hong Kong's rising business integrity issues in the recent years, corporate investigations have gained more awareness and demand from large and small businesses. In an interview with SME Link magazine, Kelvin Ko shared his views and provided insights to this topic.

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Certificate of Appreciation from Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


Verity has been awarded a certificate of appreciation by Hong Kong Family Welfare Society for our continuous support and service to help improve the wellbeing of families.

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Verity is a Caring Company

Caring Company

Verity has been given the 'Caring Company' title by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services for our commitment to social services and demonstration of good corporate citizenship.